The decision to pave your driveway or parking lot or street can be a big one. We’re here to make the rest of the process easy. From paving to patching, P.H. Broughton & Sons Inc. offers the solutions that commercial property owners and managers need. We’ll work hard for you, with no surprises. We've been providing our customers paving services that are completed with skill, intention, integrity and years of professional experience.

broughton truck asphalt paving

Asphalt Paving

A welcoming parking lot is important to your business, and it’s also a large investment. We offer our customers extensive knowledge and expertise in installation, replacement, overlays and additions to help you understand all the details involved in this investment. Asphalt paving ensures a smooth, safe and durable surface.

  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Curb appeal
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable long term maintenance.
broughton truck Asphalt Patching

Asphalt Patching

We excel at extending the life of your asphalt surface through maintenance and patching. We have the equipment and experience to patch your parking lot, driveway or street with efficiency, reducing your overall cost while providing you with and extended life to your project.

broughton truck oil and chipping

Oil and Chip

If you're looking for an economical solution for projects ranging anywhere from parking lots to golf cart paths or driveways to highways, Oil and Chip may be the ideal route for you. Our team will first apply a hot liquid asphalt to a gravel base, or the existing surface. Next, layers of stone are distributed on top of the hot asphalt and then rolled in.

  • Dust suppressing surface
  • all-weather surface
  • Waterproof layer
  • Skid-resistant surface
  • Short construction time
  • Reasonable installation cost
broughton truck milling


Our milling services include a half lane mill as well a a 4'/3'/2' mill. We also offer 2' skid steer milling. From parking lots, city streets, to the smallest job we are equipped to meet your need. Our half lane mill is equipped to run off a state of the art total station, allowing extreme precision.

broughton truck seal coating and crack filling

Seal Coating and Crack filling

Seal Coating protects pavement and dramatically improves the overall appearance of your lot or drive. We using only the top name commercial sealer which insures the life and wear on your project. Our hot tar machine allows us to fill cracks to eliminate water penetration and lengthen the life of your asphalt. We provide striping to bring your project full circle and enhance your curb appeal while extending your pavements life.

broughton truck rock placement

Rock Placement

From Driveways, parking lots and roads we have the capability's to build your project from the ground up or fix your existing rock base. We specialize in all forms of rock placement including Rock shoulders, field lanes, driveways, streets, parking lots and alleys. We run state of the art Total Station/GPS guided equipment to ensure your grade is perfect.

broughton truck curb gutter and sidewalk work

Curb and Gutter/Sidewalk

Our state of the art stringless curb and gutter machine will bring you the highest quality concrete curb and sidewalk available. For smaller projects and concrete repairs our seasoned concrete crew will form by hand and pour your concrete sidewalk or curb giving you the highest quality project.

broughton truck dirt grading and excavation

Dirt Grading and Excavation

Our dirt crews have the capabilities to build a dirt grade suitable for your project. From cutting ditches to building pads and full scale excavations, we will use our extensive line of earth moving equipment to fulfill the needs of any size dirt project big or small.

broughton truck pipe water and sewer work

Pipe, Water and Sewer

All scales of storm and sanitary sewers and water, our pipe crews have the ability to quickly and safely lay all your underground needs.

broughton truck


With our fleet of trucks we have the capability to provide all forms of trucking services. We can provide small single axle dumps capable of home deliveries up to large commercial and municipal projects.

Crushing and Screening

Crushing and Screening

With our track mounted mobile crushing plant we can make a variety of recycled products including State certified recycled concrete CA-6, Crushed double grind asphalt millings, and pulverized topsoil. Our two mobile screening plants allow us to screen a variety of materials or further enhance our crushed materials.

Seeding and Finish Site Grading

Seeding and Finish Site Grading

Hyroseeding, slit seeding, drop seeding, soil conditioning and straw blowing are all services we can provide. Another example on how we can provide you service from start to finish.

broughton materials and products

Material Yard

Our full line of materials ranging from hotmix asphalt, Coldmix/Premix, various sizes of rock and sand to our line of landscape rock, dirt, mulch and compost . We provide material for home owners, municipalitys, comercial businesses, and other contractors.

Recycle Yard

Recycle Yard

Our recycle yard excels at bringing you top quality recycled materials such as State certified recycled CA-6, double grind asphalt millings and pulverized dirt. We also accept broken concrete to be dumped at our facility free of dirt and debris.

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